What is a Reverse Mortgage?

A reverse mortgage, also known as a home equity conversion mortgage (HECM), allows you to more fully benefit from your home equity while you live in that home. The loaning institution will not release to you the full equity, but they can give you a rather large percentage, especially if you opt to receive the money as a line of credit or in monthly payments. Of course, you must continue to live in the house as your primary residence, but most seniors are looking to do this anyway.

Why consider a reverse mortgage to begin with?

You begin to fret much about living in a time of uncertainty when you are getting old and currently on the verge of retirement. When you reach the age of 62 and end up being a senior, you begin to think about methods on how you'll earn money without needing to take on a part time job (unless you want to, of course). For much of the elderly population, a reverse mortgage is a useful approach for them to have a bit more in earnings after retirement. Rather than engaging themselves in a conventional kind of loan where they will make month-to-month payments to cover for the cash they've borrowed, a reverse mortgage offers an opportunity for the senior citizens to obtain money by borrowing against the value of the equity in their homes.

As long as you are living in that home, and continue to pay taxes and insurance, you keep its title, and manage it on your own terms. However, other household members should be aware that the loan will become due if the homeowner with his or her name on the loan moves out of the house or passes away. This has caused confusion in the past and given the HECM program a bad rap.


The overall value of what you will owe the bank will also not be more than what is your house's worth, even though it’s possible for the loan’s balance to exceed the value of the house. This benefit is particularly interesting especially if the worth of the house depreciates or declines. Reverse mortgages are likewise generally tax free considering that the proceeds are loans and not income, whether you get it lump amount or fixed month-to-month capital. They offer versatile payment choices, from alternatives of credit limit, annuity, swelling amount, or mix. They guarantee your home ownership and no earnings credentials are set for you to avail the program.

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